The Nomades

Since 2001…

In collaboration with local non-profit organisations, CIRCa has been programming the tours of a wide range performances all over Gers territory. We put up our big top for a few weeks in populated areas at the request of local authorities. We wish to forge bonds between shows, audiences and artists.

Local councils, non-profit organisations, schools, social welfare groups, artists visiting for one night or in residence gather their energy to encourage the development of cultural and artistic practises or simply to take time to exchange experiences.

Together with our partners, we devise how we are going to do it during a preparation period. Then, our big top becomes a space with a convivial atmosphere to meet and share artistic emotions.

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carte nomades 2016

Since 2001, we have put up our big tops at:

  • Nogaro
  • Samatan
  • Lombez
  • Mauvezin
  • Plaisance du Gers
  • Fleurance
  • Valence sur Baïse
  • Condom
  • Seissan
  • L'Isle-Jourdain
  • Cazaubon


Since 2013…

Since 2013, CIRCa’s new programme Nomades has been hosting circus artists in residence. The companies are selected to do two sets of two weeks residence work over a two years period. The big top stays one month in the municipality for the artists in residence work period and local organisations.

During the time they are in residence the artists meet several times with the local population during public rehearsals or shows.

Local organisations (culture, sports, social welfare, schools…) have the opportunity to present the work they have done during amateur artistic workshops under the big top and to organise events that encourages gathering and conviviality.

In 2015, CIRCa's Nomades took place at Auch, in the neighbourhood of Garros in the framework of Garros ParadiZe project run in collaboration with Gilles Cailleau from the company Attention Fragile.