Festival of contemporary circus


Welcoming programmers

A special treatment is provided to programmers for venues, festivals or any kind of cultural events.

A range of professional gatherings and meetings are organised beside the shows.

Your contact

Camille Charru : +33562616582 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Getting to Auch

We provide a special shuttle service between Auch and Toulouse (airport and train station) or Agen (airport and train station).
Getting here

On arrival at Auch

In Auch, go and collect your badge, tickets and all the necessary practical information from the programmers' desk at CIRC.


Hotels, holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts… There are many possibilities either in Auch or its surroundings.
“Homestay” (accommodation with inhabitants) will be possible via our partner Gers Tourisme en Gascogne.
Rates (not contractual): 32€ /night with breakfast or 28€/night without breakfast
A special link with an access code will be available by the end of July.

Access to shows

CIRCa does not issue professional accreditations with free and unlimited access to the shows.
As a programmer, you benefit from a unique price: 9€/show, 7€/circus schools shows. This unique price rate is limited to 1 programmer per organisation. The first person coming with you (a professional of the same organisation or a relative) benefit from a concession price (discount).
The others professionals of the same organisation and the relatives do not benefit from preferential rate (except if suitable: students, - 21-years-old, etc).

>> download our booking form (The booking form is an « excel » document, with five sheets inside)

Your meetings

(in progress...)

◘  Pitches sessions, in partnership with Artcena, on October  21th and October 25th  (in the mornings – registration required),
◘  « Occitanie » Pitches sessions, in partnership with Occitanie en Scène, on October 22th  (in the morning –  registration by Occitanie en scène)
◘  Pyrenart professional days (a POCTEFA 2014-2020 project): on October 19th  and October 20th  (detailed program and schedule to come)