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Babel, Glöm

Kaaos Kaamos

created in 2017

There are originating from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Chile and New Caledonia. As many different languages and cultures but sharing common disciplines i.e. banquine and hand to hand acrobatics. Each of them is unique, but together they try to touch the sky.

They lift, support each other, fly off the handle, fall on the ground, pick themselves up, trust each other, whatever happens. Acrobatics is their shared language, a ritual nurturing them, with mag as a symbol.


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Authors and performers: Johan Sjolund, Perry Rudolph, Erik Glas, Erika Ahola, Mikaela Valencia Veide, Anouck Le Roy. Artistic director: Albin Warette. Composer: Peter Reynolds.

Supports: Subtopia, Stockholm; DOCH, Dance and Circus University of Stockholm, Espace Catastrophe, Bruxelles; La Grainerie, Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance, Balma; Die Fabrik, Potsdam; Château de Monthelon; Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm; Katakomben, Berlin; Katapult, Berlin; Taika-Aika, Rovaniemi; Circus Incubator, European circus project; Le Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque Toulouse; Kiki Muukkonen; Julien Augier; Walter and Lena Ferrero; Jean-Marc Broqua; Yannick Mainville and Williams Santana; Catherine Magis.

Getting here

FRI 19 OCT 2018 / 8:30 pm

SAT 20 OCT 2018 / 4:30 pm

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