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Presque neuf(s)

Le Lido, Toulouse

Professional Integration/year group 2018
Le Lido Centre des arts du cirque de Toulouse

Fresh circus is something new with a hint of nostalgia, a shred of the future, a tear in the eye. A disturbing rehash with modern juggling, contemporary acrobatics, handstands with panache, a trapeze act on a hurdy gurdy tune. Fresher than last year, already obsolete, they are almost new and 9 altogether.
This collective production is a presentation of personal and invariably fanciful creations devised by students in their third year of professional integration at the Lido, centre des arts du cirque in Toulouse.

Photos : Christophe Trouilhet - Photolosa



Performers: Susanna Alessandroni and Arianna Pellini (acrobatics and physical theatre), Valentina Cortese (acrobatics), Alejandro Dutra Manuel (juggling), Amaël Gestin and Marie Vela (trapeze and hurdy gurdy), Charlotte Lemay (handstands), Mouna Nemri (Hula Hoop), Mélanie Pauli (handstands).
Artistic collaboration: Benjamin De Matteis and Dominique Habouzit. Teaching coordinator: Aurélie Vincq.

Getting here

FRI 26 OCT 2018 / 6:00 pm

SAT 27 OCT 2018 / 10:30 pm

Maison de Gascogne


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