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Manipulation Poétique

Cie Raoul Lambert

created in 2017

Seldom do we knowingly accept to be manipulated. Using magic, two lecturersorcerers invite the audience to perform a sidestep amid bookshelves. Their tricks are enriched with some digressions on the art of doubt, the power of words and the representation of reality. A witty and eccentric performance to better understand our world and explore our credulousness.


Photos : Fred Lefevre Amalvy, Pierre Rigo

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Authors and performers: Kevin Laval and Mathieu Pasero. Artistic collaborator: Johann Candoré. Production and touring management: Hélène Baisecourt and Camille Foucher

Co-production: La Verrerie d’Alès, Pôle National Cirque Occitanie in the context of the programme Cirque portatif*; La Cascade, PNC Ardèche-Rhône-Alpes; Le Cirque Jules Verne – Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue, Amiens.
*Cirque Portatif is a circus programme aimed at performing in non-dedicated venues that belong to the network of public libraries, a commission by La Verrerie d’Alès - Pôle National Cirque Occitanie supported by Conseil Départemental du Gard in the context of the programme "Artistes au collège".

Getting here

SAT 27 OCT 2018 / 3:00 pm

Library of Saint Clar


45 mn
from 11 years

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